Albert Comes Vase (Fürst Adolf Werkstätte), 60s

Albert Comes Vase (Fürst Adolf Werkstätte), 60s

Ceramic ornamental vase, Bückeburg, Design Albert Comes. 60s. Elongated body with curly mouth. Signed and numbered. Excellent condition.

Data sheet

Country of origin
Brick-red body, green matt glaze, light brown edge, inside: glazed yellow glossy
Year of Production
Albert Comes
Bottom underside with blue stamp mark and (illegible) numbered 6304
Dimensions: H 26 - 30 cm, D opening 12 cm, D bottom about 8.5 cm

Information about the manufacturer:

The "Prince Adolf Workshop" (FAW), named after its founder Prince Adolf II (reigned 1911-1917) was inaugurated in Bückeburg in September 1912. In the beginning, artistic and craft-related formal and chromatic theories were taught. Under the direction of the sculptor Albert Comes, who came from the Saarland, the school offer was extended by the subject of (construction) ceramics. While classes in the First World War came to a standstill, the processing remained in motion. Temporarily relocated without success to the production of expensive luxury ceramics. Then Albert Comes changed the product range to affordable utility ceramics. At the end of the twenties the success came. Specialists and enthusiasts praised above all the timelessly aesthetic form and the tasteful glazes and spray decors of the FAW products. FAW received prizes and awards at trade fairs and exhibitions. After the collapse and the difficult new beginning after the Second World War, it started to rise again in the early / mid-fifties. At times, more than 100 workers were deployed. The product range ranged from utensils to decorative imaginative vessels. Much of it is still highly valued and desired by collectors and hobbyists. In the late sixties, however, the tide turned. The increasingly fierce competition through cheap imports (also) put the FAW in trouble. The end came in 1971, even though the company had been in the black until the very end. The city lost one of its most representative and highly effective figureheads.

(Source: Schaumburger Nachrichten, 23.10.2012)

Albert Comes Vase (Fürst Adolf Werkstätte), 60sAlbert Comes Vase (Fürst Adolf Werkstätte), 60s€0.00

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